Cours de sport dans les Yvelines les Hauts de Seine Paris et le Val d'Oise à domicile avec un coach sportif

Personnal trainer

at home

Yvelines (78) and Hauts de Seine (92)

The word of the sports coach

You do not have the time to move in a gym, often overloaded, too noisy?
Looking for a personal sports coach at home in Yvelines (78) or Hauts de Seine (92)? I propose sports coaching sessions to your home to help you and accompany you throughout your progression while respecting your physical integrity.

We know that starting or resuming physical activity is often difficult, bad postures, discouragement … This is why it is necessary to be accompanied by a professional fitness to help you in your progression, the sports coach Helps you to maintain a long-term motivation and you can thus realize all your objectives whatever they are safely with the coaching of a qualified and experienced sports coach:

losing weight
Remodel your silhouette
You tonify, firm you, feel more dynamic, more tonic
Alleviate back pain, lower back, lumbar, improve your posture
Maintain your current physical condition
Stop smoking, improve your health.
To relieve the stress accumulated during your professional activity
Be coached with the assurance of total discretion.

This ongoing monitoring will allow you to achieve your goals and provide you with the motivation you lacked.
An assessment will be made during our first session to define your expectations and to establish a personalized program together, and then we will regularly report on the progress you have made in order to re-adapt the training if necessary.
On the other hand strong of my studies in psychology I also worry about your mind (the key to your motivation), and also your overall well-being from advice in dietetics and a rebalancing of food especially in the framework of weight loss.

Having a sports coach at home is for you the guarantee of real results, of an accompaniment throughout your training in the respect of your physical integrity and your rhythm, by performing gestures perfectly controlled for better results .
The sessions will last one hour, we will need a small space to install a floor mat and the equipment necessary for physical training, we will perform a few minutes of warm-up to wake up your body consisting of small smooth movements and then we Will follow the exercises by increasing the intensity gradually according to your level and your objectives, and finally we will make a return to calm composed of stretches.
To make your free trial session you can contact me by phone at 06 24 32 45 79 (immediate response) or via the contact form at the bottom of this page.
I also travel to your workplace through my second structure Mycoach Corporate RCS Versailles 823 945 951 in order to benefit from all the services of a sports coach in your company.


Flavien Chauvin
First aid training
Bachelor of Psychology (2 years)
Graduated from the Professional Patent of Gymnic Activities Form and Strength

Sports coach at home in Yvelines (78) and Hauts de Seine (92)

“The ideal of life is not the hope of becoming perfect, it is the will to be always better”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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